Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Foraging by Kayak

It is no secret that Ireland has some of the world’s finest weed. Not only that, it is in plentiful supply, cheap and it’s a superfood. The weed is, of course, seaweed, and anyone who has had a seaweed bath will not need convincing as to its benefits and in terms of sustainability, seaweed is also a no brainer.

This unique experience in West Cork teams you up with an expedition kayaker extraordinaire and local marine life font of knowledge to take you on a fun and educational foray in to the intertidal zone to discover how to identify and ecologically harvest a dozen edible seaweeds and land plants. The trip includes a visit to remote islands and inlets in search of wonderful seaweeds such as kelp and Dulse seaweed scones.

Ireland is a land filled with powerful and dramatic landscapes just waiting to be discovered – from rugged rural landscapes to Europe’s highest sea cliffs, and West Cork is often called the Jewel in Ireland’s Crown. Sea Kayaking is a fantastic way to admire these awe-inspiring landscapes while also having the chance to see some of the off-shore birds and marine life of the coastal waters, including, occasionally, dolphins and whales.

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